From January 2018 I will be practising Clinical Hypnotherapy from my comfortable, quiet therapy room in Telford, Wrockwardine Wood – between Oakengates and Donnington.  This location is convenient for surrounding areas such as Shrewsbury, Newport, Whitchurch, Market Drayton and Wolverhampton.

What is Hypnotherapy? And what is it Not?
For many people hypnosis brings to mind images of a swinging fob watch, or horror films with hypnosis used as a terrifying form of mind control. For others, it might bring back memories of stage shows where participants are encouraged to perform weird stunts.
Clinical Hypnotherapy is nothing like any of these. And for anyone hoping to experience hypnotherapy the first task is to lose the apprehension created by the misconceptions. Hypnosis is actually a deep form of relaxation, a really pleasant state similar to that achieved by meditation or by being absorbed in reading a good book. The hypnotherapist works with you to help you to achieve this state. You still have full control over your free will and could not be forced to do anything against your will. Whilst you are deeply relaxed the hypnotherapist reinforces positive behaviours that you wish to encourage in yourself.
It can be effective for many situations and conditions. It can be used to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, IBS, Confidence Building, Anxiety, Regression, Public Speaking, Trauma and many other problems too numerous to mention! Give me a call to discuss your issue and I will let you know if I believe Hypnotherapy can help you.

What Happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?
During the first session I will spend some time talking with you to establish the nature of your difficulty and what you hope to get from Hypnotherapy. As a qualified Counsellor, Coach, and NLP Practitioner, I bring many skills other than Hypnosis to help you change your situation. The first session, which lasts between and hour and an hour and a half, will end with a brief experience of hypnosis. Generally, this involves just sitting back in the reclining chair and closing your eyes whilst I talk to you. The second session concentrates much more on Hypnosis – and depending on the reason you have come for Hypnotherapy – this may be all that you need.